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-Write a 3 and a half pages Editorial About the research attached below ( All the material required attached below annotated bibliography, proposal, references, outline and the research paper.)

-All the Instructions attached in the file “Editorial Question” and below.

Project #5: Editorial (or Satire) Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to develop an argument that uses rhetorical strategies and credible evidence to support your point. Now that you’ve finished your research project, try answering your research question through your now informed opinion. You may frame this project around a current event, person, or story that relates to your research question. Focus on convincing your audience to agree with your opinion through language, rhetorical appeals, personal narrative, structure, tone, etc.

You may write the project as an “Editorial” or “Satire.” We will discuss these genres more during class time. This is one of the primary projects that you will submit in your portfolio at the end of the course.


Consider writing for an audience of people who will be interested in your topic. Try selecting a group with a stake in the issue you want to address and writing for them. Also, think about what media platform your writing might be found in order to develop your tone, style, and structure.


  1. The project has a clear purpose appropriate to the central issue and course context.
  2. The project works to address the intended audience through content, examples, and voice.
  3. The project is organized coherently with a natural progression that helps to reinforce the project’s main point.
  4. All research is from credible sources and integrated appropriately as evidence for your claims.
  5. The project sufficiently explains the issue.
  6. The project does not include errors in grammar or punctuation.
  7. The project is also fromatted to standard conventions of the genre.

Trouble Spots:

Writing to persuade can be a very emotional process. You have worked all semester to make specific claims and back them up with evidence. While there is certainly more room for voice and style in the persuasive essay, don’t forget about the work you’ve done to become a credible researcher.

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