question for chapters 10-19 change is a change in the organization’s product or service outputs, management homework help

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39. _____ change is a change in the organization’s product or service outputs. a. Technology b. Product c. Entrepreneurship d. Creative e. Incremental

40. Left-Right Industries employs a diverse set of individuals with strong personalities. Unfortunately, this means that there is a great deal of interpersonal disagreement among employees. What organizational tool would work best in this circumstance to manage conflict? a. Organizational development b. Skunkwork c. Telecommuting d. Downsizing e. Small-group innovation

41. Salta Communications is a global telecommunications company that has operations on four continents. The CEO’s direct supervisors include VPs for the North American South American, European, and the Asian divisions. Salta can best be described as using what organizational structure? a. Network b. Matrix c. Functional d. Divisional e. Geographic

42. Which of the following refers to a major shift in the norms, values, attitudes, and mindset of the entire organization? a. Organization change b. Organization development c. People change d. Culture change e. Artifact change

43. Will explains to his boss that his computer has a virus, and needs to be scanned and cleaned. This is an example of which topic of upward communication? a. Problems and exceptions b. Suggestions for improvement c. Performance reports d. Grievances and disputes e. Financial and accounting information

44. In the process of implementing the balanced scorecard approach at his company, operations manager Seth Howard wonders whether internal activities and processes add value for customers and shareholders. This involves which dimension of the balanced scorecard? a. Customers b. Learning and growth c. Financials d. External business processes e. Internal business processes

45. Ahmad is a new manager at AJ Homes Company. He has absolutely no experience as a manager nor does he know the technology of his department well. These two factors prevent Ahmad from directing his workforce. This is an example of _____ impacting leadership styles and behaviors. a. substitutes b. neutralizers c. contingencies d. citizenship e. transformation

46. Which of the following is(are) an advantage of team structure? a. Increased barriers among departments b. Unplanned decentralization c. Time and resources spent on meetings d. Less response time, quicker decisions e. All of these

47. Smileline Inc. has an onsite daycare facility and provides employees fulltime daycare at a very low cost. The company implemented this years ago when managers realized that childcare responsibilities were contributing to high turnover and absenteeism. This example highlights which dividend of workplace diversity? a. Better use of employee talent b. Increased understanding of the marketplace c. Increased quality of team problem solving d. Enhanced breadth of understanding in leadership positions e. Reduced costs associated with high turnover, absenteeism, and lawsuits

48. All of the following are questions relevant to human resource planning EXCEPT: a. “What is the current turnover rate?” b. “What is the volume of business expected to be over the next five years?” c. “What was the volume of business over the past five years?” d. “How will new technology affect the organization?” e. All of these are relevant questions for human resource planning.

49. According to the situational theory of Hersey and Blanchard, which of the following leader styles matches up best with low readiness subordinates? a. Delegating style b. Selling style c. Telling style d. Participating style e. None of these

50. Communication is defined by the text as the process by which information is: a. shared. b. exchanged and understood by two or more people, usually with the intent to motivate or influence behavior. c. received. d. transmitted to others. e. stored.

51. Which of the following is tied to the goal of managing talent in organizations? a. Labor relations b. Job analysis c. Wages and salary d. HRM planning e. Training and development

52. Which of the following is not a way to facilitate innovation in an organization? a. Skunkworks b. New-venture team c. Crowdsourcing d. New-venture fund e. Centralized marketing

53. Artie’s Pretzels is a small but well-known company that receives thousands of job applications every year, though it only fills about 50 positions annually. Company managers have learned that Artie’s human resource practices are one of the driving factors that attract potential employees. Artie’s Pretzels is an example of: a. a contingency employer. b. an employer of options. c. an employer of choice. d. an employer of necessity. e. a telecommuter-friendly employer.

54. From the employer’s viewpoint, which of these is part of new social contract? a. Standard training programs b. Limited information c. Incentive compensation d. Routine jobs

55. Wilson is viewed by his boss as driven, tenacious, and hardworking in the pursuit of his goals. These characteristics fit within which category? a. Physical characteristics b. Intelligence and ability c. Work-related characteristics d. Social background e. Social characteristics

56. Total quality management: a. is based on the ideas of Frederick Taylor. b. gives managers total responsibility for achieving quality goals. c. gives all employees the responsibility for achieving quality goals. d. was first successfully implemented in the United States. e. is all of these.

57. Kara and Simon are both middle managers at Gotcha International. Kara is dissatisfied because she knows that Simon makes more in salary even though, in Kara’s opinion, she works longer hours than he does. If Kara wishes to reduce this perceived inequity, what should she do? a. She could reduce the number of hours she works. b. She could increase her level of absenteeism. c. She could ask for a raise. d. All of these. e. She could reduce the number of hours she works and she could ask for a raise only.

58. Flash Card Inc. recently underwent a significant company-wide change that involved revision of its manufacturing and leadership processes. The result of this was a stronger emphasis on horizontal coordination. This level of change is referred to as _____. a. reorganization b. reengineering c. e-engineering d. strategic planning e. corporate structuring

59. Sandra views herself as a tough but fair supervisor. She gives explicit directions to her subordinates about how tasks should be accomplished, but is not always approachable when they come to her with questions. Her employees sometimes feel that she is too gruff and impersonal. Which category on the situational leadership grid does Sandra fit into? a. Following style b. Delegating style c. Participating style d. Telling style e. Selling style

60. Stella, a systems manager for a large technology company, would like to get an understanding of her company’s financial position with respect to assets and liabilities at the end of the fiscal year. Which financial statement should she refer to? a. Income statement b. Activity ratio c. TQM report d. Balance sheet e. Balance scorecard.

.61, Managing emotion is a basic component of emotional intelligence. Which of the following best describes managing emotions? a. It is the basis for all the other components; being aware of what you are feeling. b. It is the ability to balance one’s moods so that worry, anxiety, fear, or anger do not cloud thinking. c. It is the ability to be hopeful and to persist in the face of obstacles. d. It is the ability to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. e. It is the ability to connect to others and build positive relationships.

62. _____ refers to the activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce within an organization. a. Human resource management b. Recruitment c. Talent search d. Strategic management e. Operations management

63. The forming stage of team development is characterized by: a. the establishment of order and cohesion. b. cooperation. c. problem solving. d. orientation. e. conflict.

64. Swift Move Facilities manufacturers two different bicycle models. The company produces a high volume of products using standardized production runs. The company does very little product customization. Swift Move uses what type of technology structure? a. Service production b. Mass production c. Large-batch production d. Small-batch production e. Continuous process production

65. Global companies often use a _____ structure to achieve simultaneous coordination of products across countries. a. functional b. divisional c. matrix d. product-based e. process-based

66. Which of the following is NOT a method used in external recruiting? a. Private employment agencies b. Employee referrals c. Advertising d. Employee resource chart e. State employment services

67. Abbi works at Railroad Ties. Her bosses continually indicate that her motivational level is low. Abbi agrees, but is unwilling to work harder until the company changes the types of reward it offers its employees. Which of the following is low for Abbi? a. E -> P expectancy b. O -> P expectancy c. Valence d. Motivators e. O -> E indicators

68. Linda is viewed by her colleagues as someone who makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge, and good work habits, but she is sometimes hard to work with because of her communication style. Based on the Level 5 leadership spectrum, Linda would be placed in which category? a. Level 1: Highly capable individual b. Level 2: Contributing team member c. Level 3: Competent manager d. Level 4: Effective leader e. Level 5: Level 5 executive

69. With most new employees in the late twenties or early thirties, Albertson & Sons Inc. has learned that helping new employees secure home loans has been a valuable service that pays off in the long term. This is an example of what type of diversity initiative or program? a. Expanding recruitment efforts b. Establishing mentor relationships c. Accommodating special needs d. Providing diversity skills training e. Increasing awareness of sexual harassment

70. Jeff and Rob have a difficult time getting along at work. Most days, Jeff spends a lot of time cracking jokes and goofing off, while Rob constantly nags him and tells him to act like a grownup. On days when Jeff is more reserved, Rob does not nag him, hoping that this will result in improved behavior down the road. This is an example of which form of behavior modification? a. Empowerment b. Extinction c. Punishment d. Avoidance learning e. Positive reinforcement

71. Marissa was recently assigned to a committee whose task is to research new product opportunities. Once this group generates a list of six or seven viable options, it will be disbanded. This group is also known as a _____. a. team b. standing committee c. permanent committee d. task force e. none of these

72. Which of the following techniques reduces the likelihood that behavior will be repeated? a. Positive reinforcement b. Negative reinforcement c. Extinction d. Reward enhancement e. All of these

73. People generally experience _____ when their work matches their needs and interests, when working conditions and rewards (such as pay) are satisfactory, and when the employees like their co-workers. a. job involvement b. extroversion c. cognitive dissonance d. Machiavellianism e. job satisfaction

74. Which of these styles would likely be appropriate for a counseling job? a. Intuitive-feeling b. Sensation-thinking c. Intuitive-thinking d. Sensation-feeling e. None of these.

75. Today’s most successful compamies including directly in the product and service development process.

a. employees b. internal buyers c. senior executives d. customers e. all of these

77. Your department has absenteeism standards, a way to measure absenteeism, and, based on your investigation, you have concluded that your department has an excessive absenteeism rate. What should your next step be? a. Set new absenteeism standards. b. Develop new measures of absenteeism. c. Terminate three employees for excessive absenteeism. d. All of these would be good examples of taking corrective action. e. None of these

78. When informing your staff of the date for the company picnic, a _____ would be most practical and successful. a. memo b. telephone conversation c. video conference d. face-to-face conversation e. newspaper notice

79. _____ is an approach that brings together participants from all parts of the organization to discuss problems or opportunities and plan for major change. a. Virtual-group intervention b. Traditional organization development c. Multi-unit intervention d. Strategic planning committee e. Large-group intervention

80. Which term, in goal-setting theory, refers to the need to make goals highly ambitious but achievable? a. Goal specificity b. Goal difficulty c. Goal acceptance d. Feedback e. Goal motivation

81. Use of the balanced scorecard can hinder or decrease organizational performance if it is implemented using which type of orientation? a. Performance management orientation b. Performance measurement orientation c. Customer orientation d. Learning and growth orientation e. Internal business process orientation

82. Which of the following factors is NOT associated with larger span of control? a. Work performed by subordinates is stable and routine. b. Subordinates perform similar work tasks. c. Subordinates are located at various different locations. d. Subordinates are highly trained and need little direction. e. Rules and procedures defining task activities are available

83. Cooltown University recently invited members of its social network group to enter a contest on YouTune to design the best video promoting the university. This is an example of what innovative approach? a. Social group innovation b. Network innovation c. Techsourcing d. Crowdsourcing e. Insourcing

84. At FEI Industries, teams of product developers coordinate their work electronically at the North American, European, and Asian sites to coincide with peak operating hours at each location. Such teams are referred to as a _____. a. project team b. committee c. focus group d. global team e. self-directed team

85. In times of crisis or risk of company failure, authority should be: a. decentralized. b. centralized at the bottom. c. centralized at the top. d. spread through a wide span of management. e. flat.

86. Which of the following is a characteristic of the large-group intervention model? a. Results in incremental change b. Learning for the small group c. Addresses the entire system d. Gradual time frame e. Limited distribution

87. Family and Medical Leave Act require employers to provide up to _____ weeks unpaid leave for childbirth, adoption, or family emergencies. a. 8 b. 12 c. 16 d. 24 e. 52

88. Sylvia is a member of a team that uses e-mail, instant messaging, and blogging to communicate. Although she sees members of her team on breaks and at lunch, Sylvia does not interact with them face-to-face in a professional setting. Sylvia’s team can best be described as

a: a. project team. b. global team. c. focus group. d. virtual team. e. self-directed team.

89. All of the following are traditional model dimensions of diversity EXCEPT: a. age. b. sexual orientation. c. religious beliefs. d. physical ability. e. all of these are primary dimensions of diversity.

90. Amanda recently arranged for her company to give away copies of the online game they produce at a videogaming conference. Her goal was to help potential recruits know more about her company. Amanda was involved in _____. a. selection b. training and development c. employer branding d. contingent work e. acqui-hiring

91. An ethnocentric perspective leads to: a. a monoculture. b. diversity in the workplace. c. pluralism. d. ethnorelativism. e. a global perspective.

92. Andy’s subordinates say that they love working for Andy because he inspires them to not only believe in the organization but to believe in their own potential as well. Based on this example, Andy can best be described as what type of leader? a. Transformational b. Servant c. Authentic d. Transactional e. Interactive

93. Which of the following groups is expected to grow the most in employment from 2010 to 2020? a. Hispanic b. Asian c. African American d. European e. White

94. Recruiting methods that are used to promote the hiring, development, and retention of “protected groups” are examples of: a. equal employment opportunity. b. affirmative action. c. illegal discrimination. d. unfair labor practices. e. nepotism.

95. According to Fast Company, in 2013, _____ was ranked as the World’s Most Innovative Company. a. Nike b. Nintendo c. Nokia d. Sony e. Procter & Gamble

96. At LBK Industries, responsibility for quality control rests with a team of quality control inspectors and supervisors rather than with employees. LBK uses what type of organizational control? a. Matrix control b. Hierarchical control c. Decentralized control d. Bottom-up control e. Balanced control

97. Jerome, a manager at Welford Nonprofit Group, is known for his selflessness and willingness to give to others. He likes working in the nonprofit sector because he wants to apply his skills and abilities to serve others who are less fortunate. Based on this information, which type of leader best describes Jerome? a. Level 5 leader b. Servant leader c. Authentic leader d. Transformational leader e. Interactive leader

98. Caia believes that all managers are concerned only about profits – they don’t care about their employees, as long as those employees make money for the company. Caia’s perception is _____. She has made a generalization about a group of people and assigned that generalization to everyone in the group. a. a stereotype b. a halo effect c. an attribution d. a fundamental attribution error e. a self-serving bias

99. A widely used personality test that measures how people differ on all four of Jung’s sets of paired opposites is the ______. a. Keirsey personality test b. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator c. Eysenck Personality Test d. Enneagram Personality Type Detector e. Oxford Capacity Analysis

100. For control, this type of measure is an important part of achieving higher performance. a. Statistical b. Theoritical c. Emotional d. Employee conflict e. Market

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