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1. Explain why “breast is best.” Is pacifier use “good,”  “bad” or “it depends?”  Explain your answer. Describe the introduction of solid foods.  

2. Describe and explain 5 infant reflexes.  What is attachment style and how does the attachment theory apply to infant development?

3. What is the importance of play? Use research to support your answer. 

4. Mary would like to know the development milestones for her child at the 6 month and 12 month age.  Please explain the physical, cognitive (brain development) and socioemotional milestones to her.  She thinks her child is advanced, please respond to her.  Bob has a 2 year old; explain developmental milestones to Bob so he can manage his expectations.  

5. How is language developed in early childhood?  How can parents promote language development.

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