quick answer needed… 2 paragraph answer (needed in 20 minutes if possible)

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Simple and concise… I dont need a lotta words.

1.) Suppose you were in charge of staffing an entire security team at your
organization. Given that your organization focuses in IT systems and has a large
facility with needs in perimeter security, computer and network security, and
security management, address the following. Describe how to staff an entire team, Explain the attributes you will look for in a prospect. Describe the types of individuals you will NOT consider. Create a pay scale for your employees with an explanation of why they fall
into your created scale. Generalize based on a pay range for types of roles and
responsibilities or job descriptions.

2.) “Background Check”  Please respond to the

  • Summarize the human resource activities involved in security services.
  • Suggest three nontraditional ways to find important background information
    on potential employees.


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