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1.In addition to benefiting your personal life and society, being a skilled public speaker can also benefit your?

2.Briefly describe how you could benefit society by being a skilled public speaker.?

3.Which of the following skills are especially important for public speakers?

Organize ideas logically

Encode or express ideas clearly

Analyze and adapt to receivers readily

All of the above

4. Public speaking anxiety (PSA) affects what percentage of all speakers?





5. The ___________________ of a speech are the major ideas that you will relay to receivers through your speech

6. One factor that influences your credibility is the quality and relevance of your supporting materials.



7. Which of the following should be the very first component of your speech?

Thesis statement

Attention getter

Credibility enhancer

Preview of main points

8. ______________________ can help enhance your speech and may include physical objects, drawings, charts, graphs, photographs, or sound recordings

9. Briefly explain why practicing your speech is important.

10. When do audience members generally begin to form their impressions of both the speaker and the speech?

After the first piece of evidence

At the end of the introduction

During the first few moments of the presentation

At the middle of the speech

11. What does an effective introduction help you do?

12. Audience members quickly form impressions of you.



13. When audience members believe your topic directly affects them, they will pay closer attention.True False

14. You will likely perceive a speaker as trustworthy and believable when they have:

Convinced you that he or she is qualified

Convinced you that he or she sincere

Convinced you that he or she is qualified someone with whom you can identify

Convinced you that his or her ideas are popular

15. The conclusion doesn’t necessarily need to provide audience members with a sense of completion.True False

16The conclusion should be used to:

Restate ideas you have already introduced.

Introduce new points.

Add additional research to support your main points.

Reinforce the main points you want audience members to remember

17. Explain why ending too abruptly in your conclusion is a pitfall.

18. The ending of the speech isn’t as important as the rest of the speech.

True False

19. The audience should be able to identify when you are making your concluding points.

True False

20. Today’s audiences are even more attuned to messages that have ______________ appeal than to ones appealing solely to their ears.





21. Visual aids can lend an air of professionalism to your speech.



22. Visual aids can increase the retention (memory) of your speech for the audience.



23. Audio and video clips can help make a speech more dynamic, involving, and exciting.



24. A ________________ is an actual object that has the power to compel listeners to focus their attention on your message, and better understand your subject.


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