Racism Today

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Focus on current racism, but compare how racism is now vs how it was back then. Talk about stereotypes African Americans are associated with such as physical features, dressing habits, music, and even athletic ability. Talk about how it affects the young teenage African males to act towards others a strong well as amongst each other. Then areas they are put into like ghettos, job opportunities, and overal life quality expectation. Compare the black man vs the white Man and their challenges(very different). Compare the African American man vs the Mexican American and their challenges(very similar).

Propose a solution, a way to fix or end the racist aspects still lingering around today. I said everyone should be more positive, and you can briefly mention historical figures that can be role models.

Make this essay Chicago style format. Double spaced. 12 point font. At least 5 pages.

*** No plagiarism will be tollerated and will result in a withdrawal. High quality work is expected. Do not make it like a Harvard student is writing it. Make it like an average colleges student trying to get full credit and an A. ***** My intro paragraph is attached below. Highly regarded to use this as a guideline.


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