Rasmussen College Science Presentation

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Create Powerpoint 8-10 slides:

Please review the examples sent in the email

1. Research five evidence based articles or scholarly websites (not google, either a .gov, .edu, etc..) related to target population (FIVE references on last slide) –

2. Describe and discuss the target population, correlating factors/circumstances, their needs, and comorbidities

3. Apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development to the target population

4. Describe the impact of the disease process on the individual, family, community, nation, global

5. Describe three community resources related to the target population

· Neurocognitive Disorder (NCD) due to traumatic brain injury-.

· Dementia-

· Vascular NCD-

· Frontotemporal NCD-

· NCD due to Lewy Body dementia-

· NCD due to Parkinson’s disease-

· NCD due to HIV infection-

· Substance/medication-induced NCD-

· NCD due to Huntington’s disease

· NCD due to Prion disease-

part 2

Find an article related to ‘mental health during the covid pandemic’

Please write 3-5 sentence summary and be prepared to share with your classmates.


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