read 3 articles and write a five page paper about the modern Chinese

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Please read carefully the assigned document on the Ding County experiment (in the documentary collection)(reading from p272—p287 15.7 the Ding xian experiment) , the observations of the Long Bow Village by Hinton (on Canvas course website), and The Man Awakened from Dreams(p113—p136, and maybe a little on or about p83) and write a short essay on the following questions:

How do you compare/contrast the CCP’s programs in rural China and the Ding Xian Experiment? How do you evaluate the two different approaches?

In order to write the paper, it might be helpful to think about what each group sees as the problems faced by rural China, what respective goals each group was trying to reach, and what means each adopted to reach their goals.

Your paper should be typed, double spaced, five-page paper, with 12 point Times New Roman font, and 1″ margins.

The paper should be organized by paragraphs, and each point made should be supported with evidence from the readings.

you should provide a point-form outline for the material that you intend to write about, but haven’t written yet. And Please DO NOT use any material outside of the assigned readings for the class to write your paper.

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