Read and see the videos

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  1. Read Article on Pros and Cons of Profit Sharing with employees.
  2. View 3 Videos:
    1. Starbucks profit sharing stores
    2. Set B: 5 steps dealing with ambiguity
    3. Set B: Inspiring leadership


  1. Is profit sharing good for Starbucks – why or why not. Provide objective evidence to support your decision, at least three reasons.
  2. Should more Starbucks stores move to profit sharing – why and why not.
    1. If not, provide specifics about your rationale.
    2. If so, outline strategy – timeline to open stores, number of stores, and which region of U.S. or International.

Considering the following competitors of Starbucks – Peet’s Coffee, Costa Express, and Caribou Coffee

  1. Which of the three companies is in the best position to implement or expand profit sharing stores – why is the competitor is selected. Provide objective evidence to support your decision, at least three reasons. the article is
    • FIN620_article_Pros and Cons of Employee Profit Sharing.pdf the videos are in you tube 1/ 5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership, No Matter Your Style 2 / Five Steps for Effectively Dealing with Ambiguity


    • Put the question first and the answer down & use simple words & avoid plagiarism

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