Read the case and follow the instructions to answer the questions

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For this assignment, you need to read the Merck River Blindness case study on page 345 of your textbook. The Sorrell College of Business requires you to answer questions one and eight after the case study. The case study presents an ethical dilemma facing Merck, a major pharmaceutical company. This assignment requires you to identify stakeholders who will be affected by whatever decision the company makes, prioritize their interests, and then recommend and justify a decision on how to proceed. Think about how the relevant stakeholders could be impacted by Merck’s decision. You should put yourselves in each stakeholder’s position–Why do they care about the outcome of the decision? How will they be affected? What outcome would they prefer? What are their arguments in support of their preferred outcome? Then, you will be asked to consider the decision from the perspective of Merck. This means you will need to evaluate the competing claims of stakeholders, rank their importance, and reach a decision on how to proceed. You should use your evaluation of each stakeholder’s interests to justify your ultimate decision. Use the information the case gives you about the company to reach a decision, and cite this information in the arguments you make to justify your decision. Finally, you will need to address the implications of your decision–Make sure you’ve described how your decision will likely impact key stakeholders, and why even negative impacts did not impact the decision you reached.

You must write your analysis in essay format. Look at the grading rubric within this content folder to see how you will be graded. As you will see, you will be graded on quality of information, mechanics, considering and identifying stakeholders, choosing a course of action and your analysis. Be sure to sufficiently explain your analysis using a framework. I cannot give you credit for what you do not include or do not explain. You are also required to cite to at least three external sources. Use the APA format for citations.

Please read the instructions and answer all the questions and only question 1 and 8 from the case

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