read two articles and write a 4 pages essay

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Please read the two articles first: YoYo Ma, “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” and Torie Rose DeGhett, “The War Photo No One Would Publish” For the two articles I have the e version of those two articles on the Bookshelf website. The account is ( and password is (Dd1234567890!). Bookshelf please read the article before writing. Please wrrite in proper MLA format and write 4 full pages. And please make sure each body paragraph has quotes from both articles. The essay question is :In a world surrounded by media and technology what happens to our sense of empathy for others—and how do those in control try to influence the way we “see” and “feel?”

Here are some suggestions.

1. Who controls the technology has enormous importance in terms of the way we relate to an image. What problems are evident with respect to the responsibility one has with this control? How are these problems presented in De Ghett? What might be the “necessary edge” to better understand what De Ghett presents to his readers?

2. How does our sense of empathy change when technology—and its users—construct the representation of a subject? Does the “necessary edge” of technology increase or decrease the way a subject is understood by the user of technology?

3. If our sense of empathy is affected, then what happens to what we call “reality” and our relationship to the truth?

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