reading journal 40

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Reading Journal 6 (250 words)

PHIL-1030-101-Introduction to Philosophy

This is your epistemology reading journal in the crash course philosophy video the Host means you want the Grettier case or Grettier problems. Those are cases wherein one may have a justified true belief (for example that there is a sheep in the field but the person actually sees a dog). This is the case where wants is to have knowledge (I am sure that the only thing in the distance is a ship) but I am actually seeing a wooly dog (but there is a sheep hidden from my view in the same field).

So in your journal, reflect on these cases that challenge our idea of knowledge. Are there moments of Grettier cases that you have experienced (where you are right for the wrong reasons)?

Reading Journal 5 (250 words)

For this journal, I asked that you write a brief reflection or raise a question about Hick’s “Soul-Making” Theodicy (pp. 88-91)

Reading Journal 4 (250 words)

For this journal please submit a brief reflection on either Anselm’s Ontological or Aquinas cosmological arguments for God’s existence.

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