“Recap Paper”

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The Topic is: Prepare a “Recap Paper” presenting 1) your Management style and 2) how the learning expereince from this course will impact, influence and possibly benefit or improve your management style with its applications.

This “recap” is to be exclusively a narrative paper; however, must have supporting graphs/charts in its appendix to support statements within the “white paper.” The audience to receive this “report” is yourself. This report could be a reference source for the preparation of your Personal Development Plan.

Instructions for Week Twelve – Topic. THE BACKGROUND OF THIS TOPIC ORIGINATED FROM THE READINGS AND ALL THE MATERIALS IN THE COURSE. IT WILL BE “NECESSARY AND MANDATORY” FOR YOU TO USE OTHER RESEARCH SOURCES TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. (We did not have a textbook for this class but I am willing to attached all my papers that had to be done weekly up to this point to assist in this question)

Submission of assignment MUST be in APA format have an abstract, table of contents, and appendix which is references in the body of the paper)


Written Assignment for Topic paper:

MINIMUM Requirements. MINIMUM IS MINIMUM. Submittal of less than minimum will result in less than minimum grade or points.

Content to be included:

Title Page

Table of Contents Page (I know this is not APA required; but Is required here).

Abstract Page


Text (Minimum of 5 full doubled spaced pages) More is bettter than less.

References Page (Minimum of 4 references)


The written assignment should be a minimum of 5 pages (body of paper). Please see Rubric-Topic. This does NOT include the cover page, table of contents, reference page, appendix and tables. ALL THOUGHTS EXPRESSED THAT ARE NOT OF ORIGINAL THOUGHT PROCESSES MUST BE APPROPRIATELY REFERENCED AND CITED WITHIN THE TEXT OF THE PAPER; ESPECIALLY OUTSIDE THE TEXT RESEARCH RESOURCES THAT SHOULD BE USED IN THIS ASSIGNMENT. It is mandatory that the paper includes a reference page and at a minimum of four references. An Appendix is mandatory and required and does not count toward the minimum page requirements of 5 pages. There is not a maximum number of pages.


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