Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments For Tax Accountant

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Please based on the job description and following requirement as follows:

1) Include the position for which you are recruiting.

2) Identify the two most appropriate places from that you would use to recruit and how you would do so. Think about the work and expense of sorting through hundreds of applications if you use a site like It may be worth it but you must consider the cost and time. Remember, it is not as simple as posting an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist.

3) Design a selection process. Will you accept applications and/or resumes? Will you require letters of recommendations, names of references? What types of assessments will you use and why, a capability, personality or cognitive test? Will you use drug testing, background check and why? Are you going to interview all candidates? Some? How will you determine how many you will interview? How will you choose? How many interviews will you conduct for each candidate?

4) Please include ten legally defensible interview questions (every follow-up question counts as a question) including behavioral questions that cover all areas of inquiry. Use your questions wisely. For example, why ask about level of education when you can read that on the resume/application. Your questions should be probative.

5) Please follow the assignment format above and address all questions in #3.

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