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following these previous guidelines:

  • Your name
  • Name of the event
  • Date of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Who you went with, if applicable
  • Write a one-paragraph summary of the event.
  • Include a picture of you at the event.
  • Describe the culture of the event (how the audience behaved, how formal it was, etc.).
  • What percentage of the talking did you understand? (0%-100%)
  • Give your opinion of the event.

After Spring Break, you may do your reflections on the following:

-TED talks on any topic of your choice, except for ones we have done or will do in class. They must be in English, of course!

-English movies, your choice

-English TV shows, your choice

-English YouTubes on any topic of your choice

-Reflect on your Spring Break (travels, etc.)

-Reflect on your quarantine experience

Let’s review the difference between a reflection and a report or summary. Reflections are about your feelings and deeper thoughts, and are thus at a deeper level than reports or summaries. It is similar to the difference between a journal and a diary. So, although you may choose any topic of your choice, it may be difficult to reflect on action movies, as opposed to dramas that make you think.

Here is the best news of all! Your post-Spring Break Reflections may be either written or audio uploads; it is your choice!

These are the topics you need to cover in order to get full credit:

  • Name of what you are reflecting on (Include the full and accurate name of the TED talk, movie, “My Quarantine Experience,” etc.)
  • Date(s) of what you are reflecting on (when you watched it, what time period was it)
  • Give a brief (several sentences) summary of what you are reflecting on.
  • If applicable, what percentage of what you watched/heard did you understand? (0%-100%)
  • How did you feel about what you are reflecting on while it was taking place?
  • How did you feel about what you are reflecting on after it took place and you thought more deeply about it?
  • Say anything else relevant you would like to say about what you are reflecting on.
  • Include a picture what you are reflecting on (You may need to be creative here.)

As always, don’t state and then answer the above questions.

For example, don’t say: “How did I feel about it while it was taking place? It sucked.”

Rather, smooooothly answer the questions. E.g. “While I was going through the 14-day quarantine, I had mixed emotions; I felt bored, scared, lonely, but also sort of excited about trying something new.” (You can steal this response if you want. Hahahahaha!)

If you choose to write your reflections, write a page or so. NOTE: “or so” means a page plus a bit more, not less than a page! As always, proofread, spell-check, etc.

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