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By this time, you have read Chapter 12 Services and Settlements pgs. 448-454 and Chapter 13Urban Patterns pgs. 458-496 in the textbook and would have reviewed the posted lectures on these topics, so let’s reflect on some of the topics you have been reading about by completing this assignment. Please review the submission procedures below.

So, let’s get to the reflection:

Your reflection will be graded on the details, examples and specific information that you share. Make sure you inform your reflection from the material presented in the textbook and in the lecture notes. Your response should be a minimum of one paragraph per question (s); a paragraph is technically a minimum of 5-6 sentences. Your response should be well structured and logically organized, grammatically correct, spelled checked and must provide examples to illustrate your assertions. This assignment is due on Sunday May 24 by 11:59 pm

From Chapter 12: Sharing services for housing, such as Airbnb, are illegal in many cities in the United States and Europe. Sharing services for transportation, such as Uber, are strongly opposed in many places. Why would cities make these services illegal or difficult to use?

From Chapter 13: Do you ever spend time in a CBD Central Business District for example Downtown San Diego or other downtowns of cities you have lived in? If so, for what reasons?

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