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Project 5: REFLECTION  (50 points)

This Assignment Measures the Following Course Objectives

2. Organize essay content into introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

3. Construct unified, coherent, and well-developed paragraphs with precise topic sentences.

4. Apply grammar and usage rules correctly.

PURPOSE: Reinforces concept of reflection. 

GOALS: Critically assess performance over class.


A reflective assignment that looks back at student engagement/growth in the course 

Intended Audience


Minimum Requirements:

Source Requirements


Length Requirements

3-4 pages of written content 


Project includes an argument that uses specific examples to support the claims.




End of the semester

A reflective essay has you reflect (look back) over a certain period of time to critically assess what happened.  So now, take a moment, think back.  Go back to the first day of this semester.  From that point until today, what have you learned?  What have you accomplished?  And not just in this class – all your classes this semester.  What worked well for you?  Did you change anything this semester that you had not done in previous semesters?  If you changed something, how well did those strategies work for you?  If you changed nothing, how did that go?  What skills are you taking away from each of your classes?  What was a waste of your time?  What was a great use of your time?  How well did you manage your time?  How do you think this semester will end for you?  As you expected?  Differently?  What will you keep the same for next semester?  What are you sure you will change?  Finally, how did you, as a person, change this semester (if you feel you haven’t changed, explore why your experiences this semester did not impact you)?  What was the experience of taking the course during the winter intersession like? If you could give advice to incoming English 1010 students for next semester, or for a student considering taking a class during an intersession, what would you tell them?

Again, this is meant to be a learning tool for you, so do not feel you need to be portrayed as the absolute best or worst student.  Be honest with yourself.  You are discouraged from using outside sources in this discussion; however, if you do use them, you need to cite them in MLA format (with in-text citation and a works cited page).

It needs to be in MLA format.  Use this as a method of self-evaluation.  Should be at least 3 pages long.  Feel free to go over, but you should not be under.  You should not have research in this paper – everything should come from you.

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