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Reflection Paper

This is an individual reflection paper on the simulation ( open the attachment). For the individual paper [evaluating your individual performance and group performance], please state what your role was (John Rayburn, President of the Westbrook Teachers’ Union), how it felt to play that role. Evaluate what the group dynamics were like; how did your group work as a negotiation team, were there any problems? How were problems handled? Did everyone participate and to what extent? What could your group have done better or what would you do differently give another opportunity? Were you ethical in your conduct and negotiations? Did power differences or differences of gender, race, class and/or culture emerge in any of the role-plays? How were emotions and perceptions handled in the negotiation? Did you notice any non-verbal communication? How was it handled? What did you learn from the negotiation? Please feel free to comment on other points of interest if any. Write the reflection as a graduate paper, with an introduction and conclusion, rather than short answers to these questions. The paper should be in MS Word, APA style and Times New Roman, double spaced and 5 pages long.

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