rel212 week 6 response n.w.

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Respond in 7 sentences or more.

The Feast of Passover commemorates liberation and freedom from oppression. To me, the events that led up to Passover shows that God in Judaism was against enslavement and provided multiple warnings before taking drastic action to show how important freedom is for humanity. The only question that comes to mind as I write this out is: was God showing that freedom needed to exist for all people or only for his Chosen people who worshiped him?

As for current day, I believe there are current day struggles that can be associated with what Passover represents. I like how Fisher (pp. 289) points out that new scripts for Seder called Haggadahs are being created and include scripts specific for a variety of followers including LGBT, secularists, victims of domestic violence, and even co-celebration with Muslims. All of these groups (and multiple others) are still oppressed even in our modern day of society with unfairness and bigotry. Continuing to practice Passover in the hopes for peace and freedom will still be vitally important for followers until the day of true fairness and equality.

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