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To establish a helping hand and healing relationship with patients and families, I would use the Circle of Caring Model which includes courage, authentic presence, advocacy, knowing, commitment, and patience. Courage entails living out my beliefs and applying values during challenging situations. An authentic presence is being completely present with another person and having the ability to see things from the inside that others only see from the outside. Advocacy is speaking up for what the patient wants and not what I feel is best for the patient. Knowing depicts what may be right for the patient at a particular moment. Commitment shows that I am devoted to the values of nursing and to care for the patient. Patience is developed by remaining connected to the patient and allowing them to make their own decisions about healthcare (Dunphy, Winland-Brown, Porter, & Thomas, 2015).

There are several aspects that are involved in developing a professional partnership with healthcare team members. These include teamwork, goal setting, communication, and encouraging respect and trust. Teamwork leads to increased productivity and increased morale. Goal-setting entails developing an atmosphere that supports client concerns by thinking about service delivery from the patient perspective. Effective communication can help to eliminate medical errors because many errors occur from miscommunication. Effective communication occurs with open-ended questions, clarification, screening, and patient focus. Sincere communication builds trust and rapport (Regis College Online, 2019).

I personally do not feel I need to change any behaviors, biases, or attitudes. Teamwork is very important to me as well as effective communication. These are two very important aspects of developing a professional partnership. Goal setting is something that helps me thrive personally. I look forward to goal setting as a team in primary care.

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