Research about the sexual assault interventions

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The assignment is about crisis interventions, and I chose to talk about sexual assault as crisis.

therefore, I need a research about the sexual assault interventions (the interventions almost means the mental and psychological interventions that first responders can provide, and how they can manage patient in the incident scene).

No need to talk about the medical interventions in deep because the assignment concerns about the psycho, mental, first aid interventions; this include 80% the first immediate interventions after the incident at scene or at the hospital, 20% interventions after couples day (or follow up) of the incident which means any kind of help that victims can have for their psychological problems.

1- The paper has to be in APA format, especially the references.

2- Don’t use double space between lines, only use 1.5 space.

3- the paper is between 9-10 pages in length that excludes the first and reference pages.

4- the paper must have:

a- Abstract that illustrates what this paper about. (around 5 sentences)

b- introduction and background about the problem using a statistics. (NO more than 2 pages)

c- conclusion at the end of the paper.

5- you can use examples (stories), the examples has to be related to the problem and cover the intervention part.

6- talk about the latest development in the interventions.

7- NO plagiarism.

8- References has to be more than 5. and they most be valid and reliable resources (NOT from .com or .net websites)

9- This is the MOST important part: CITATION. every pace of fact,information, concept, or story has to be cited in the context.

in the attachment: you will find some resources that can help you in writing the paper; you can use other resources but they must be valid.

one of the good resources: (you find more information about the problem here, also you may find something about the interventions.

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