Research and a presentation

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This paper will be divided into two parts ( 1- research paper , 2- presentation )

There has to be an outline for the presentation

The subject you will be writing about is ( cognitive theory )

And I attached an annotated bibliography if you want to use it

Research Essay:

The purpose of this paper is to develop an argument on a specific topic and provide persuasive support for your thesis using strong reasons and clear evidence. The topic should be one of interest to you, and within the broad framework of the areas covered in this course. A formal research paper will follow certain grammatical conventions not found in less formal writing styles, such as reaction papers, film reviews, etc. Suggestions for topics will be provided.

Audience: an academic audience and all others interested in the topic

Purpose : develop an argument and provide persuasive support for your thesis using strong reasons and clear evidence.

Length:12-15 typed pages, (see general instructions above)

Format : APA Style


Final PresentationDue:

Students will prepare an academic oral presentation based on their research paper, and will attend all other students’ presentations. See ATTENDANCE section, above.


810 minutes (no more, no less)

Minimum of 3 sources cited in the spoken speech and the written outline

Formal outline: typed, full sentence, correct format, complete bibliography

6-8 PowerPoint slides presentation

Evaluation Criteria:

Appropriate topic choice, narrowed for time and interest of audience

Increased depth in organizational details: introduction, conclusion and main points; good use of transitions and patterns

Spoken citations: credit given properly, well integrated into speech

PowerPoint visual aid: clear, prepared, presented well, adheres to inclass guidelines

Delivery: vocal quality, eye contact, posture, gestures, appearance, fluency, language use, and flow

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