research essay 111

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Fill out the outline I have attached below with the research question: How can foreign students fit into American culture properly? in 2 hours.

After that i will extend the time limit to 2 days for you to finish the essay in 2-3 pages.

Here is an example on how to do this.

Sample research proposal:

Research Question: What are effects of media on crime? TOPIC: media/crime

FOCUS: cause/effect


1. “Forensic Files”Paul Dowling (1996- original)

2. “Positive Effects of Media on Crime” Keren S. Johnson (2017)

3. “Influence of Mass Media on Crime” The Sociology of Crime (2018)

I am a law student, so I usually follow criminal cases in the real life. I have learned a lot from watching the show that started in 1996 and continues today, “Forensic Files” (directed/written by Paul Downling), and other shows like it, such as “60 Minutes” or “The First 48” (need to cite here), and it is really attracted me due to the most modern scientific methods which the police can use to find trails. But sometimes, I think that if media publicly shows those real criminal cases, it is a question of whether they affect the society or not. There are some researches like 2. “Positive Effects of Media on Crime” (Keren S. Johnson, 2017) and 3. “Influence of Mass Media on Crime” by the The Sociology of Crime (2018) that show that the media definitely has an effect on crime, but it is not clear if it is a positive effect, a negative effect, or both. Because in my country, one criminal case in which a crime cuts a death into fragments were posted on mass media, it shows that the media can cause an increase of similar cases. Therefore, I would like to research about this sub-topic – the effects of media on crime.

I expect that people who watch a lot of these types of shows are becoming very smart about how to commit a crime and not get caught by the police. In our survey, we hope to find that people either agree or disagree with the positive or negative effects of this kind of media.

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