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Research Exercise: Keyword Search

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Research Exercise: Using Keyword Searching on a General Search Engine

Look through on Google Search Tips (Links to an external site.) and “Twenty Google Search Tips” (Links to an external site.) for some clues as to how to use keyword and combinations of keywords on internet search engines. Using Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine type in keywords to find several web sites, articles, or other information related any topic or topics from the POSSIBLE TOPICS FOR PAPER 2 THE RESEARCH PAPER 2020.pdf

Actions that you might consider for the final paper.

You’ll need a list of keywords and phrases related to your topic to perform an effective keyword search. Try to refine your search so that you find the most relevant sources. In the search engine you use, try using the advanced search screen and study the limits that the search engine lets you place on your searches. To reach the “Advanced Search” features in Google, click on “Settings,” and then “Advanced Search.”

After you have located several relevant sources, read at least two of them. Prepare a paragraph for each of those two sources in which you write a brief summary of the source’s main ideas and indicate the URL for the source (the web page address). In your summary, identify the author and title if available.

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