research experiment project

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1) Introduction – which should cover what the subject/research/experiment is and how it came about for you to think of it as your personal project and why. (25 points)

The Invisible Person will be very happy to know so that she/he can follow your written report right from the beginning.

2) Hypothesis – Indicate what hypothesis you were testing in your experiment/research. (10 points)

Indicate succinctly your predictions that led you to develop the hypothesis that was being tested.

3) Materials and Methods – What were the materials you used obtained to complete your research/experiment. (15 points)

– What methods did you use on these materials to carry out your research/experiment. Include all the steps and procedures that you used to perform your


4) What results (data) that did you collected/obtained and how you analyzed the data to either accept or reject your hypothesis/ or prediction(s) that you made in the beginning of your research/experiment/ – DATA must be specified and presented in a table/graph or/ photos for all the variables) (20 points)

5) INTERPRETATION/Discussion ( 40 points)

6) Conclusion ( 8 points)

7) References or Works Cited ( 2 points)

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