research statistics 4

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The topic I chose was Infant Death before 1 yr old in the United States. Here is a brief summary of the subject:

The number of infants who die before their first birthday is much higher in the U.S. than in other countries. And, for African Americans, the rate is nearly twice as high than it is for white Americans. Even well-educated Black women have birth outcomes worse than white women who haven’t finished high school.

Now that you have chosen a topic for your project, you will research statistics on this topic as it affects your community and then present those statistics in graphical and written form.

To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Using at least 3 credible sources, research statistics about how the issue you chose to focus on affects your community.
  2. Present the statistics that you have found in a graphic (table, chart, graph, etc.).
  3. In 1-2 pages (not including the title page and references page), provide a written assessment of why you believe the statistics are this way in your community and how they compare to similar communities. Use APA format to include a coCourse Project Rubric
    Criteria Weight
    Identified at least 3 credible resources with statistical analysis on their chosen topic. 20
    Developed a graphic (table, chart, graph) on the statistics student found on chosen topic. 30
    Presented a 1-2 page written assessment of the statistical data and how they support the chosen intervention/strategy. Used APA format and correct spelling and grammar. 50

    Cover page, citations of your sources, and a references page.

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