respiration study guide

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Explain each of the following terms:

-cellular respiration



electron transport chain

-alcoholic fermentation

-ATP synthase lactic

-acid fermentation

-oxidation glycolysis

-reduction citric acid cycle

Answer the following questions:

1. Write the overall equation for the process of aerobic respiration.

2. Outline the steps of Glycolosis, and the Krebs cycle. Identify the steps where ATP, NADH and FAD are produced. Where, inside the cell, does each of these processes occur?

3. What molecule forms the connection between glycolysis and the Krebs cycle? How is this molecule involved in synthesis of fats or other molecules?

4. How are redox reactions involved in the cellular respiration process?

5. What is the total energy yield (ATP molecules) from the process of cellular respiration? Describe how this total ATP yield is derived.

6. What types of molecules are used as fuel for cellular respiration? Where do they enter the process?

7. What are the products of alcoholic fermentation? How is this process used on a practical basis? What are the products of a lactic acid fermentation?

8. Compare and contrast the processes of oxidative phosphorylation and substrate-level phosphorylation for production of ATP. Where does oxidative phosphorylation take place

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