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Social and emotional intelligence are related to cultural factors in the sense that Thorndike (1920, p.228) stated that social intelligence is “the ability to understand and manage men and women, boys and girls to act wisely in human relations. While emotional intelligence according to Peter Salovey and John Mayer refers it to the ability to recognize and deal with one’s own feelings as well as the feelings of others (Papalia et al., 2012).

Andres who is a 68 year – old male is a retired child psychiatrist, the father of two grown children and a husband, whose wife still maintain her active practice as a clinical psychologist; was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and Parkinson’s disease. Generally, Andres is surrounded with family members that loved him because the text indicated that he has a good relationship with his children, seeing them at least once a week for dinner, and his granddaughter is the light of his life (Plummer, Makris, Brocksen, 2014)

Culture influences the emotional adjustment of individuals and their perception of subjective well – being in a variety of ways. For example, two significant variables were taken into account, the Hofstede dimensions of individualism – collectivism and masculinity – femininity. The result was that individualistic cultures emphasize the needs of the individual and give more importance to the individual’s emotional world.

As a worker, I would apply the concepts of emotional or social intelligence to the case of Andres by having the self – awareness, accurate self-assessment emotional, and self – confidence. I would apply the skill of trust worthiness, adaptability to work with Andres since his Position in life has drastically changed. I would effectively negotiate complex social relationship and environmental atmosphere to adjust with Dr. Andres (Zastrow & Kirst – Ashman, 2016)

Social workers in general might apply social and emotional intelligence to social work practice because I would believe emotional and social intelligence goes hand in hand with social work practice. With emotional intelligence, worker would be able to apply the skill of empathy and compassion to her clients. And with social intelligence, worker will be able to work in direct contact and communication with clients and make appropriate eye contact when dealing with the issues of clients.


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“Working with people with Disabilities: The case of Andres” 1801.pdf


The ability to emotionally regulate one’s own feeling and those of others is defined as emotional intelligence (EI), whereas the social intelligence (SI) is the ability to effectively carry out social interactions with other people and environments (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016). In relation to cultural factors, these two intellects, emotional and social, studies found that people scoring high in either or both are those with better jobs and economically well off. Cultural factors and people in minorities groups, such as women, people of color, and non-Christians, may score low on tests that measure social and emotion intelligence and studies have found such test to be discriminatory (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016).

Andres is a 68-year-old married, retired child psychiatrist, and loving father and grandfather, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and a brain tumor six years ago (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). Plummer et al. (2014) further explained that Andres was active physically and with his practice prior to his diagnosis, but now requires ambulatory assistance, need for assistance with daily activities, and cannot be alone. As a social worker in the case of Andres, applying the concepts of social and emotional intelligence may be used in having Andres very active in his treatment. Before becoming ill, Andres had a nice career, and a good social life, which are indicators of high social and emotional intelligence. As I social worker I would use psychotherapy to play on his intelligence and great social relationship skills as strengths to helping Andres change his moods and to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

An example of how social workers may apply social and emotional intelligence to social work practice is to apply them to ourselves as social workers. According to Standards and Indicators for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice, social workers must be aware of their own personal and professional limitations and, “use relationships with supervisors, mentors, and colleagues to enrich self-awareness and self-reflection.” I believe that by maintaining self-awareness in social work practice allows for social workers to be more effective, not to judge or be bias, and communicate with clients and colleagues in a professional manner.


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