respond to all the following prompts

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Define a Key Term

Read and in three-four sentences define what the term “Gross Happiness Index” means.

Scan for a Gold Nugget

The is a long document. Scroll through it, reading the headers, and see what stands out to you as interesting.

  • Share ONE thing you’ve learned or found interesting AND explain why it matters.
  • about a paragraph

Interpret a Graph

Scroll through Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Max Roser’s, report

  • Interpret the meaning of a graph you find interesting and explain ONE thing you’ve learned from that graph.
  • about a paragraph

Identify Elements of Happiness and Apply Them to Life

Read and identify one thing you think is important and might include in your own definition of happiness.

identify which “building block” for happiness stands out to you as especially important or just especially important to you today. Explain why.

share one thing you could practice to strengthen that building block. Is practice important?

About a paragraph

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