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Hi everyone!

My name is Elizabeth. I am currently working full time as an office admin in a therapy office and go to school part-time. I am working towards my bachelors in criminal justice. I plan on using my bachelors to then apply to law school. I’m interested in criminal justice because law and the justice system have always been interesting to me and I love learning about it. 

Two times where I had to use different communication styles has been through serving and through the office admin job. While serving I had a table that was deaf, in order to understand them I had them write down their orders exactly as they wanted them and used simple hand signals to make sure they were okay such as a thumbs up or down. Another example is when, while at the office, Spanish speaking people come in quite frequently, I use my translation on google or on iPhone to translate what I say and what the other person is trying to communicate. I am currently trying to learn Spanish and would love to learn ASL. 🙂

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and a Happy New Year!

In each of your two peer responses, identify another communication style, method, or approach that could have been used in one of your peer’s examples. Include whether or not you think the outcome of the communication would have been changed with this other approach and why.

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