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Respond to Instructor:

Bivariate Categorical Analysis

The aim of the paper is to determine whether any significant relationship exists between the respondent’s race and whether they own or rent a home. Both the variables are categorical and measured on a nominal scale. The variable race is categorised into, “white, black and other,” and dwelhome is categorised into, “own or is buying, pays rent and other.” As both the variables are categorical. Therefore a chi-square test of independence would be a good test to determine the significance of the relationship (Wagner,2016).

Research Question

The research question related to the study is:

“Is there a significant relationship between the race of the individual and their dwelling type?”

Null Hypothesis

The null hypothesis of the study is that there is no significant relationship between the race of the respondent and the dwelling type of the respondent. The null hypothesis is tested at a significance level of 0.05(Hartwig & Dearing, 2009).The dependent variable is the dwell type of the respondent and is measured on a nominal scale, and the independent variable is the race of the respondent which is measured on a nominal scale.

Statistical Result

It was found that, among white respondent, 68.9% respondents own home or is buying, 29.5% pays rent, and 1.6% belonged to others. Similarly, among black respondent, 41.4% respondents own home or is buying, 57.4% pays rent, and 1.1% belonged to others. Also, among respondents that belonged to other type of race, 41.1% respondents own home or is buying, 57.6% pays rent, and 1.3% belonged to others.

A chi-square test of independence was performed, and significant relationship was found between the race of the respondent and the frequency of the dwell type, X2(4, N=1670) =106.76, p<0.05.The association between,” respondent ‘race” and “dwell type” showed a medium size effect.; V=0.179.


The result showed that percentage of white people (68.9%) having their own home or is buying is greatest whereas a large percentage of black (57.4%) and other race people (57.6%) pays rent to live in America. The null hypothesis is rejected, and it can be said that there is a significant relationship between the race of the respondent and their dwell type.


Hartwig, F., & Dearing, B. E. (2009). Exploratory data analysis. Beverly Hills,: Sage Publications.

Wagner, W. E.,(2016). Using IBM SPSS Statistics for Research Methods and Social Science Statistics.

Appendix A.docx

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RE: Initial Post- Discussion – Week 11


Thanks, Can you give us a contingency table? That makes it so much easier to visualize your study.

Let’s talk more about exactly what the chi square tells us. For example, does the chi square tell us that “renting” is statistically different among whites and blacks? Does it tell us that buying and renting is statistically different among people in the “other” category?

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