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100 word response 1 reference due 1/13/2023


The role that teacher play in the curriculum development process is crucial to the learning process. Teachers serve as the primary group to shape curriculum development. Most serve in leadership roles on curriculum development teams and programs. Teachers work in committees and initiate proposals, review proposals, gather data, conduct research, make contact with parents, create curriculum, obtain feedback from learners, and evaluate programs (Ornstein 2017 p. 21).

The evaluation process is a necessary component of the curriculum process. Evaluation gauge the effectiveness of learning. The evaluation process provides educators the opportunity to review student performance as well as the effectiveness of the curriculum. Evaluation is activated so educators can sort and select not only curricular content and instructional strategies, but also which student experience various curricula and instructional experiences (Ornstein 2017 p.275).

Evaluation serves as a tool to allow for better grouping among students to ensure the material is being accurately presented to the students. Teachers are provided insight into the students ability to understand the curriculum and can utilize the results of evaluation to develop changes to the learning process. An example of this would be utilizing the results of test score to group students with learners of the same level. Other data gathered through evaluation can be used to make educational and instructional decisions that enhance the learning experience of the curriculum being taught.

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