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Read the posts of your peers and post scholarly responses to the initial posts of two. Ask clarifying questions or provide a different perspective on transformational and adaptive leadership.

Student post down below:

Transformational leadership is a leadership style that can inspire positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the group succeed as well. Through the strength of their vision and personality, transformational leaders are able to inspire followers to change expectations, perceptions, and motivations to work towards common goals.

According to Northouse et al. 2019, “Adaptive leadership is about how leaders encourage people to adapt to face and deal with problems, challenges, and changes. Adaptive leadership focuses on the adaptations required of people in response to changing environments.” (Northouse 2019, p.257) Adaptive leadership utilizes all employees and customers to find solutions that work. Adaptive leaders know how to get results in an ever-changing environment. They read the terrain, are well-prepared and expect plans to change. Leaders exhibiting an adaptive style are performance motivated, self-aware, and generally have high levels of emotional intelligence. They assign the right tasks to the right people and they regularly provide resources for professional development.

While transformational leadership and adaptive leadership are quite different styles of leadership, they can both be effective when used together to help organizations face challenging times. Both transformational leadership and adaptive leadership represent appropriate and critical leadership styles for organizations that strive to keep the pace of continuous cultural and technological advancements and that are focused on the rapid adoption of new organizational concepts and process improvements.

When an organization finds themselves facing changing or trying times, it would be beneficial to have a transformational leader guiding the organization. Transformational leaders look for the opportunity in change. When change happens, transformational leaders practice finding the positives in it rather than the negatives. While transformational leadership is often ideal in most organizations there are some instances when a transformational leader might find themselves facing resistance from his or her followers. While change and adaptation are essential for many organizations, risks taken through transformational leadership can sometimes be disruptive. Transformational leaders use their charismatic approach to serve as a role model for their followers and their organization. They use this energy to show people how to achieve goals or accomplish tasks. There are certain risks that are generally accepted by those using this leadership style to find innovation or create change. If the leader accepts risks that are, or perceived to be, excessive or unnecessary, then the actions of the leader become detrimental to the team and their organization, thus creating resistance or internal employee struggles.

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