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(Brittany)Lysistrata is a play that is staged during what seems to be a never ending Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, where there was little to no hope for peace. Lysistrata, who is a strong willed powerful woman, is the main female character and the director of all the action packed into the play. Lysistrata is tired of the constant state of war that is causing them to lose many men of their state, leaving their wives behind and decides to take things into her own hands and try for peace. She gathers women from around the cities in the state and demands they withhold any sexual acts from their husbands as a means of a negotiation. Although the women are reluctant at first, they agree and swear an oath with a bottle of wine. As time goes on there is continued debate between the men and the women and Lysistrata notices some of her women are starting to become desperate for sex. She is able to get them all back on board and continue on with their plan. Once she rallies her troops back in order she notices one of the woman’s husband, Cinesias, appearing desperate for sexual acts. Myrrhine, Cinesias’s wife, reminds him of the terms they are on and leaves him to gather items they need at their home. With the ongoing back and forth between the men and women, the men then decide to attempt a peace treaty. Lysistrata brings in a beautiful naked young woman called Peace. As the men are mesmerized by Peace standing in front of them Lysistrata takes this time to remind everyone of the poor decisions they have made and after sometimes of arguments they overcome their struggles and dissimilarities and reconcile, ending the play with them in Acropolis celebrating with song and dance. 

While this play takes place in a time when women did not have any opinion or play in anything that happened in this male-dominated state, Lysistrata took it upon herself to make a voice for every woman in her state. As this play was written by a male in times of a male dominant world, it seems to reflect how women were seen in the eyes of a man back then. I admire Lysistrata to stand up for women and make a difference in their state. She did what she thought possible to be able to bring peace back to the land and for women to stop losing their husbands in war. I do not particularly agree with how she went about it because even in todays society women are sometimes viewed as a sexual prize rather than a strong human being trying to make a difference. I see Lysistrata as a hero in the play. She and her troops stayed strong for what they believed in and were able to stop the war and get their ultimate prize of peace in the cities. If I were to rename this play I think I would rename it “ The Warrior of the Women’s Voice” . Lysistrata was a strong and powerful woman of her time and stood up for women to have opinions and rights of their time. She did not like the way women were pushed aside when it came to being heard and helping make decisions. She rallied her women troops and made a huge statement and ultimately won their battle amongst the men and were granted the peace they have been wishing for.



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