revision for research group proposal power point presentation with speaker notes

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Power Point Presentation With Speaker Notes

Double spacing

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5 slides

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0 source

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This is a group (RESEARCH) proposal in the form of a powerpoint presentation and I am responsible for slides 1-5. What the assignment calls for is inside the attached powerpoint. Please see all attachments to complete this assignment. Majority of this includes the necessary information to complete assignment, so this will be super easy for the expert that gets this. What I’m looking for is missing information to be added, all main points to be bulleted, writing to be organized and well written along with presenter notes that I can say while presenting this in class. When it comes to the themes portion (please add citations at end of each theme) and I will need the reference of where citation came from. Please see rubric and all attachments for clarity on the assignment. Only complete slides 1-5. Themes, purpose statement, and research question can be found on “group 3 notes”. I attached an annotated bibliography as this was the assignment I completed leading up to the presentation. This group proposal is to be done “as if” we were conducting research and not actually doing the research. This is a qualitative research proposal. I attached the updated presentation slides(that are missing 1-5) this may give you a good idea of the study and I attach slides with more specific instructions(on what needs to be filled in). this is a qualitative phenomenological study. Please add my portion slides (1-5) to the powerpoint presentation titled “presentation slides 1-5 missing”

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