Revision required for passing score of MySQL Fiddle schema homework help

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Good Day All,

I’m in much need of some help finding the correct information that needs to be filled in or changed too, for my schema that was handed in via Taskstream for my project of creating a Donut-R-Us database through MySQL Fiddle (version 5.6). Attached you will find the information needed to determine where I went wrong pertaining to the project instructions, information (my results) I provided for the project, and the required revisions necessary to get a passing grade for this project per the course mentor review. To whomever can provide the answers I need to pass, you will be equally compensated for your time and brainpower. If you have any questions in reference to my inquiry/request or the information provided, please feel free to message me. I sincerely appreciate and thank you!

~From a student who is playing catch up in his classes and life!

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