rewrite on an assignment since professor added new requirements 3

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hi, professor’s new requirement that this assignment should not be an essay. It needs to be listed as

I would like to provide a few clarifications regarding Assignment # 1 based on questions I have received—

  1. No need for a cover page
  2. Please answer each of the 5 questions separately and number them.
  3. Your 2-page (maximum) submission should include the RBS. I am not looking for a large-scale RBS, but only for a small prototype that demonstrates you understand the levels that can be used in this case. Categories are up to you, they need to make sense in the context of the case, but as discussed in class, there is no one right way to do it. Please create your own custom levels, populate 2-3 entries, and explain your logic.
  4. Generally speaking (this is true for all my cases, and also in real business settings), I would like you to use critical thinking and come up with your own, SPECIFIC recommendations. Concise answers that clarify YOUR recommendations are always better than an open-ended essay that may be interpreted in different ways.

2-pages (max).

Case Study Questions [these questions REPLACE those provided on the case itself]:

  1. Was the document given to the sponsor a risk management plan? Please explain. (15 points)
  2. Had the project manager actually performed effective risk management? Please explain (15 points)
  3. Are there any significant benefits to the amount of work already done for risk identification? Please explain. (15 points)
  4. Can probabilities of occurrence and expected outcomes (i.e., impact) be accurately assigned to 100 risk events? Please explain. (15 points)
  5. Should the 100 or so risk events identified have been categorized, and why? If so, please propose one acceptable way to categorize them in a 2-level RBS (w/category and sub-category). Explain why you chose this structure. (40 points)

also for the question 5, he wants a Risk breakdown structure that basic categorizing the risks that you can think of from the information given and 1 to 2 sub-risk. for example, 1-technical risk, 2- resource risk and 1.1 and 1.2 ….

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