Romanticism to impressionism

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No research allowed for exams. Use your own thoughts and ideas based on class material – do not consult online sources.

1. Both Turner’s Slave Ship and Constable’s Haywain are Romantic landscape paintings, and yet they are wildly different from each other. What kind of definition of “Romantic landscape” can include both?

2. Choose one of the following to answer:

  1. How do Gericault (Raft) and Delacroix (Liberty) transform contemporary events into grand historical displays?
  2. How do Delacroix (Women of Algiers) and Ingres (Grande Odalisque) present the non-Western world to a French audience?

3. Use either Daumier’s Rue Transnonain or Meissonier’s The Barricade to explain how the new Realist style departed from the Romanticism that proceeded it.

4. Answer one of the following:

a. How could the painting The Sower, by Millet, be seen as dangerous?

b. Why was Courbet’s Burial at Ornanscalled “the massacre of painting”?

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