safety report chemical engineering

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I have asked each member of the process engineering team to assess potential safety issues that might pertain to one of the important unit operations in the i-pentane synthesis plant that we have been designing. Please send me an analysis of: Liquid Product Storage and Handling.

What I need to know are the most important safety issues that you have identified for your unit operation, including the event itself that is of concern, what might cause that event and the magnitude of the consequences that would result. I recognize that there may be several events, so please concentrate on the ones that you consider to be the most important.

Since there may be several different issues, please give me a detailed analysis of the types of event that you consider to be most critical for your assigned unit operation. This should include a description of each event, the general magnitude of its consequence and what you think might cause the event. I recognize that any single event might have more than one cause.If so, discuss briefly each of the causes that you have identified. It would also be helpful for you to estimate the approximate probability of each cause that you have identified.

Let me know if you have identified any mitigation measures that you believe are adequate to reduce each safety hazard to an acceptably low level. Since I will have to pass your response to higher levels of management who do not have your technical expertise, please try to explain the mitigation method itself and why you think it will be effective.

In addition to the major events you have identified, please also include (probably in a well-organized table) a listing of the other lesser events you have identified.Please include a very abbreviated version of the same topics (the event, the consequence itself and the magnitude of its importance, possible causes and a short description of the best mitigation you have identified).

If you have identified an event with a serious consequence for which you cannot propose an acceptable mitigation, this might be a “show-stopper” for the project. So be sure to thoroughly analyze anything of that sort and make an appropriate recommendation.If you believe you can mitigate against all of the events you have considered, make an appropriate recommendation.If your mitigation method requires any new equipment or processes that were not part of the original process design, please make sure to report them.

I hope you can give me a response in the next couple of weeks.

Unit Operations Assigned:

Liquid Product Storage and Handling

– NOTE: the project report is attached.

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