Saud Islamic University Substance Addiction in KSA & Data Collection Discussion

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a report 2000 words and according to the outline and the cilos

the cartirea for the project report answering the quesitons and following the cilos that are attached down bellow doing it acroding to it. projects should cover all CILO criterion and include references.

this is the supject

Substance addiction in KSA…

the questios

1- Identify the research question and rationale posed by the article

2- Provide a hypothesis and null hypothesis that applies to question (and papers associated)

3- Discuss the scientific rigor of the articles associated with your question (ie critically analyse and compare and

contrast the articles)

4- Analyze the data provided in both papers to determine whether or not this accepts or rejects you null

hypothesis (You must explain why and reference the data in this section)

5- Generate a conclusive scientific theory from the articles you are provided with and explain the assumptions of

the theory identified.

6- Provide a conclusion, in which you must relate the findings of the the journal articles and provide areas of

future research

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