SCI 115 Florida State University Why Revolution is True By Jerry Coyne Essay

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This is a 10-page essay in which you will reflect upon each of the chapter themes in Why Evolution Is
True by Jerry Coyne ISBN 978-0143116646
. It should include reflections on your development and understanding of what evolution is and is
not. It should include your personal journey of discovery related to the concept of evolution. It should
also include philosophical, theological, and sociological reflections as well as a demonstration of a
scientific understanding of evolution. Additionally, you should critique and evaluate the ideas presented
in the book using your scientific understanding of the process of evolution. The term paper is a major assignment for this course and so ought to evidence the following:

  • Understanding of the relevant science
  • The ability to use relevant literature in support of your conclusions
  • Your individual response to the material and readings. This may involve an assessment of what you found to be particularly compelling and/or problematic; your personal thoughts and/or reactions to what is being considered; consideration of implications implicit in the materials being addressed; an assessment of the strengths and/or shortcomings of particular points; etc.

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