Science & American Culture.

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The most important reason to take a science course in college is to
learn about general science topics that will be a part of the news you read,
the votes you are asked to make, and the decisions you will face related to
your personal and family health care. Science is all around us, and is even
pervasive in our American pop culture: movies, books, video games, etc. Select
one of the science based pop culture examples listed below. Watch or read, and
then locate a current (two years old, or less) science article that relates to
the topic discussed in your novel/movie. You will write a 2-3 page discussion
that summarizes the major points of your chosen media, discusses the article
you chose, explains the connection between the article and your media selection,
and explains the relevance of this topic to modern-day Americans
. Media

·  Jurassic
Park (novel, author Michael Crichton)

·  The Cobra
Event (novel, author Richard Preston)

·  My
Sister’s Keeper (novel, Jodi Piccoult)

(movie, release date: 1997)

·  Avatar
(movie, release date: 2009)

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