Science Analysis of the President Questions

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question 1) The president has a variety of responsibilites. It would be impossible for the president to perform all of the tasks necessary to run the country if he did not have help. Explain how the Executive Office of the President, the White House Office and others keep the president moving. question 2) Your textbook spends a great deal of time discussing presidential power and performance. Which presidents have been considered effective presidents? Given what you now know about measuring presidential effectiveness, what do you think about President’s Bush and Obama? President Trump? question 3) The president must have a working relationship with Congress in order to be effective legislatively. Which past presidents have been good at this and what were their strategies? question 4) choose any current news article and give a short summary on what the article is about (make sure to attach link for the article) question 5) Provide an analysis of the public president in 1-2 pages.

As your textbook points out, the medias role in electing presidents is key. How have presidents (especially since Ronald Reagan) used the media to their advantage? What about President Obama? President Trump? Feel free to utilize photos and video clips to support your claims. (please attach question 5 in a seperate attachment)

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