Scripture in the church report

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 Write a 1,000 word report addressing the questions stated in the Scripture in the Church Report instructions document attached below. Please note that while you will respond to the 3 main questions (see below), you do not have to respond to every sub-question listed with the main question. (kindly use the pasted link to access and listen to the church service).

Question 1: The Reading of Scripture. Was Scripture read during the service and what was the impression given by the reading? (100 words)

Question 2: The Medium. How as the Bible used by the congregation during the service? (100 words)

Question 3: What role was given to the Bible during the sermon/homily? (800 words)

There are two additional, extra credit questions you may answer. These questions are provided in the “Scripture in the Church Report Instructions and Grading Rubric” document provided. 


In the interest of bridging the gap between theory and practice, you are required to attend a

worship service at a Christian church (see attached video of church service). From the earliest

period of the church, the reading and interpretation of Scripture played a key role in the gathered

worship of Jesus’ followers. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to think

critically about the use of Scripture in Christian worship.

You will write a 1000-word report addressing the questions below. Below each main question is

a list of others that will help you answer the main question. You are not expected to answer each

one of the sub-questions directly. The word count for each question is provided with the question

below. Your report should include at the beginning the following information:

1. Church name:

2. Pastor:

3. Speaker for the day if different from Pastor:

4. Church location:

5. Time and Date of the service:

6. Length of the service:

Question 1: The Reading of Scripture: Was Scripture read during the service and what was the

impression given by the reading? (100 words)

1. During the service, was there any public reading of the scripture?

2. What Scripture was read?

3. Who read it? Did they have an official position in the church?

4. How did they read it? With emotion and emphasis, in a monotone, etc.?

5. What translation or version of the Bible was used for the public reading?

6. Did the audience respond to the reading in any way (e.g. with an ‘amen’ etc.)?

Question 2: The Medium: How was the Bible used by the congregation during the service? (100


1. Did attendees bring Bibles?

2. Were pew Bibles provided?

3. Was the Biblical text projected on a screen?

4. What translation/version was used?

5. Did attendees follow along with the reading/sermon in their Bibles?

6. Did attendees take notes?

7. Was there any responsive reading of scripture?

Question 3: What role was given to the Bible during the sermon/homily? (800 words)

Page 2 of 3

1. What scriptures did the speaker quote, read, mention, or allude to? List each along

with their content and a brief summary of the speaker’s comments on, or

explanation of the texts.

2. Was any comment made on the original language of the text? Greek? Hebrew?

Aramaic? If so, what and what explanations were given of the significance of the

original language in this case?

3. Was any indication given of the immediate literary context of the verse/verses,

i.e. the verses or statements immediately following or preceding the quoted

verses? Did the speaker make any attempt to relate the verses to their literary

context? How?

4. Was any comment made on the historical context of the cited scripture? Explain.

5. Do you think that the scripture was interpreted correctly?

6. Was there any recognition of, or attention given to, cultural differences between

the time the Scripture was written and our modern world? Explain.

7. Did the speaker given any indication that Scripture was difficult or challenging to

interpret? What and how?

8. Did the speaker mention any possible differences among manuscripts in the text

texts he/she cited?

9. How much time was spent explaining the original meaning of the scriptures vs.

applying them to today?

10. How did the speaker apply the verses to his audience?

11. Do you think the application made was consistent with, or supported by, the

scriptures that were being applied? How or how not?

Extra Credit (10 possible points):

Question 4: Musical representations of Scripture: What songs were used in the service and how

were they connected to the Bible and specifically the Bible passages read/preached on during the


Question 5: Physical representations of Scripture: How was the Bible presented in the church?

1. Did the church have any signs, banners, engravings, posters, or other physical

aspects of the building that cited or presented Scripture? If so, what and what


2. Did the building have stained glass windows, paintings, or sculptures presenting

Biblical scenes? If so, what and what scriptural scenes were portrayed?

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