Search Engine Marketing SEM project

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Pay Per Click Campaign Set Up

Google AdWords

Business Case

Assess the business case for using Pay Per Click as an advertising vehicle for your site:

What is the main goal of your site?

What audience does your site target? Does this audience have different segments? If so, please define each segment.

What do you hope accomplish with Pay Per Click? Are you looking for direct sales, lead generation, time on site or membership/registration? How will you define a conversion based on these goals?

What is the monetary value of each conversion to your site? What do you expect your average visitor to lead/sale/registration % to be? Do you have historical data from other marketing channels or industry benchmarking data to support this?

Based on the value of your lead and the estimated conversion percentage calculate the expected cost per conversion that you hope to achieve, the number of conversions that you wish to achieve per month and the amount of traffic that you will need to reach this goal. (See spreadsheet for this step and all others below.)

Seed Keyword List

Develop a seed keyword list of 10-15 phrases for each market segment that you are targeting using your marketplace knowledge.

Expand the seed list to 100 phrases per market segment using

Gather estimated traffic information, estimated bid costs and competitiveness information. Collate and recap in a table.

Review selected phrases on Google, looking for level of competition, ad language and tone.

Select Landing Pages on your site to target ads to:

When possible have different landing pages for each market segment.

Develop Ads:

Write 10 ads based on your keyword list and landing page selection for each market segment. Stay within character limits.

Set up Campaign and Ad Group Structure

Split your keyword list into logical buckets and give thought process behind each bucket.

Each market segment will have one campaign and one or more ad groups.

Set Bid Pricing:

Based on estimated traffic, estimated cost per lead and competitive information on current bids for your keywords, set your highest maximum cost per click to achieve your goal for each keyword and set the match type for each keyword.

Attached the instruction and the worksheet. You will have 36 hours to finish.

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