Security Assessment paper:

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Using the textbook and information from the provided power points, you are to develop and write a security assessment (survey) for one of three venues. You may choose from a hospitality location (i.e., hotel/motel, resort/casino), a tourist attraction (i.e., amusement park, fair, sports venue) or an educational institution (i.e., College/University, Community College, or High School).

Once you have chosen a type of venue, you will choose from one of the following events: Active shooter, natural disaster or burglary/robbery series. Now that you have identified a type of location and a type of incident(s) which could occur, you will write a paper of 5-7 pages. A title and reference page need to be included, they DO NOT count toward your page totals.

The purpose of this paper is for you to identify a location and an event that could occur. You will identify the security concerns related to the location-incident, explain why this location is vulnerable and how you will address each concern. I would like you to identify between 3 and 5 issues related to the incident. (An example: If you choose a hospital and active shooter, name 3 to 5 issues related to an active shooter at a hospital that you- as a security manager- would need to plan for). This is your opportunity to conduct a critical analysis of a site and incident.

The paper needs to follow appropriate grammar and writing style associated with APA formatting. You should have a title and reference page. It is acceptable to use the text as a listed reference, but you need to have at least 2 additional sources. Remember to correctly cite your references.

You will submit the paper within Canvas. Please be sure to save your paper using Microsoft word as a .doc file. Name the paper using the following convention: Last name-Course-Semester (ex: Iorillo-AOJ111-Fall2017). It is important you correctly name your document and submit the item correctly. You will only have one opportunity to submit your document, so please ask questions prior to turning your paper in.

Be sure to use the appropriate grammar, punctuation, and language which would be expected in an academic paper.

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