Sensation and Perception Discussion

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? MAIN DETAILS: First define the term “Sensation and perception” – discuss sensation and perception -relate to it (how we view others). Prejudices against races/age/stereotype. How you make judgments to others is your perception 

? Describe what happens when you lose your ability to experience the world/ loosing one of your senses 

? Introduce the concept of agnosia. Define agnosia and provide other examples/ Case studies. The case study and this kind of agnosia help us to understand how the brain works  ? Describe the general outline for the literature review  ? The goal is to explore 3 kinds of agnosia. Explain their causes and how each of them contributed.

Use at least 2 other appropriate scholarly sources besides this case study…  and Phineas P Gage’s case, who had an accident that destroyed much of his frontal lobe.

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