share the difficulties and issues of having a child with this type of disability

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Assignment #3 Field Experience Report (25 points)- REVISED

Part I (15 points) Parent Information (2 to 3 pages)

You have two options for Part one

Option One Part One

If you know a person (it can be a family member, friend, neighbor etc.) that you can interview (by phone) who has a child with a disability you can select option one of Part I. Please identify the characteristics, interactions, functions, of the child and the type of disability that the child has. Share the hardships, complications, and life issues of having a disabled child.

Describe/share the types of extra and/or different activities each member of the family is involved in because the child in the home has a disability. (Respect their decisions about what information they wish to share with you and respect their right to privacy). Keep the report confidential by only using first names (or “made up” names). See Appendix E for sample interview questions and Appendix F for the Interview Report format.State in the introduction how you know the family. State if your report is written from your notes and memory. Use a “Q & A” format to present the actual questions that you asked and the responses that you received.

Option Two Part One:

Watch the You-Tube Video

Report on 9 year Darrel-Ann disability

Share the difficulties and issues of having a child with this type of disability. Share concerns about the controversy of stopping the child from growing(trying to keep her in a childlike state) all in an effort for them to make it easier as parents to take care of her.

Part II (10 points): Parent/Family Activity:

List and describe 3 different types of parent support groups available to parents. Share what these support group provide and how they can assist a parent with a child who has a disability. 1-2 pages

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