short assignment 52

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1 page double space

Read all requirements carefully

Writing With Impact — Short Assignment

Please take an idea from the book(Daniel_H_Pink_Drive__the_Surprising_Truth) , analyze the idea, present it to someone in your industry, and convince your audience to do something specific with this idea. Please note: You do not have to finish reading the book to write about an idea.

Before you analyze the idea, please listen to the two Best Practices podcasts in this week’s lesson. You might also review the links provided about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

When you present the idea, you may need to synthesize the idea with other information that you know about.

Think about what format will best help you persuade your audience. In other words, think about which format would have the most impact, e.g., business proposal, operating procedures, PowerPoint presentation, detailed memo with charts, or written guidelines accompanied by a podcast or video.

Each of you has been working on specific writing issues that you identified using The Elements of Style. Please give this aspect of your writing extra attention in this assignment.

Please write one page of text.

Please add a one-paragraph reflection to this assignment in which you discuss your key takeaways from Unit 1. What have you learned about your writing, and what are you focusing on? Please note: This paragraph is in addition to the one page of text specified above.

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