short essay 241

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Our legal system is based on constitutional principles introduced over 220 years ago. And these principles have been adjusted, expanded, and tweaked by many legal decisions and Supreme Court rulings over the years. These decisions and rulings responded to changes in our social experience and advances in the technology we use.

This is certainly true in regards to Privacy Law and Copyright Law.

Now consider this:

The Latin term “Amicus Curiue” is the legal term that translates into “friend of the court.” Sometimes the Supreme Court invites interested parties who are familiar with a given legal matter – a friend of the court – to inform the court about that matter. For this short essay, pretend you are writing to the Supreme Court as a Friend of the Court. And you are informing them about Privacy and Copyright.

So in this 2-3-page single-spaced essay:

First explain to The Court some important features of Privacy Law. Second explain to The Court some important features of Copyright Law.

Third discuss some emerging features of contemporary society – like the Internet, blogging, smart phones, Facebook, Tik Tok, digital copying, and social media – that have changed how we live our lives.

And finally speculate on – give your opinion about – how Privacy Law and Copyright Law must recognize new challenges because of the way our life experience has changed and how our use of technology has changed.

Use a Word document.

Put your name and this title at the top of the Essay: Friend of the Court Essay MCOM 4371.01

Begin your essay with these words: “May it please the court, I want to discuss three important legal issues with you: Privacy, Copyright, and the emerging digital environment.”

And then spend 3-4 paragraphs discussing Privacy Law.

Then spend 3-4 paragraphs discussing Copyright Law.

And finally spend a few paragraphs discussing how our legal system must deal with new technologies like the Internet, blogging, smart phones, Facebook, Tik Tok, digital copying, social media, or any other aspects of our emerging technological environment.

End with these words “I thank the court for this opportunity to discuss these very important legal issues.”

The essay should be about 2-3-pages long, single-spaced – using 12-point type. Between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

Any kind of font is fine.

No footnotes or formal references required. Do not include any hot links in the essay. Use your own words.

You may use some short direct citations from the book or from the posted Blackboard material — that is fine, but put those citations in quotes.

Please do not use any lengthy direct citations.

You may refer to any cases listed in the book or referred to on Blackboard.

Do a Spell Check and then save a copy on your hard drive and then submit a copy to Blackboard. Instructions on submitting will be forthcoming.

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